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Standard Revalving and Elite Tuning Packages


Standard Factory Revalving: Through our testing, dyno analysis, and valving theories; we have developed solutions for greater rider comfort and performance.


Revalve Forks (Showa, KYB, WP) Forks disassembled, and inspected. $150.00 plus parts, fluids, and springs

          where applicable.

Revalve Shocks (Showa, KYB, WP) Shock is completely taken apart and inspected for wear $150.00

           plus parts, fluids, and spring



Elite Level Revalve with t6 fork and Shock Pistons Forks and Shock are rebuild using our exclusive piston      


Forks $350.00 plus fluids and wear parts

Shock $350.00 plus fluids and wear parts


SKF fork seals $62.00

Genuine AMS Fork and Shock Fluid used Forks $25.00 Shock $15.00

Springs available inquire with model availability and price.


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