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We specialize in Showa, KYB, and WP suspension systems


Here are the basic maintenance services








showa fork oil pouring blacked out showa fork seal blacked out

Our Services

Fork Service: $80.00 plus fluids and replacement parts


Forks are completely disassembled,cleaned, and inspected.

High Quality SKF fork seal/dust wiper $62.00 (complete set for one bike)


Quality fork fluid used. $25.00


Bushings, and other wear parts are extra. Complete SKF service kits available. inquire within. oem seals/wear parts also available.


Shock Service: $80.00 plus fluid and relplacement parts


Shock is completely disassembled, cleaned, and inspected for wear.


Highest quality seals, and replacement parts used, and complete SKF seal heads available as well. replacement seals from $29.95, and complete seal head assemblies from $63.95. oem seals/wear parts also available.


Quality Shock fluid is used $15.00


We have multiple spring resources. Inquire for application and pricing



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